After a difficult start of the new RATP market VAL 180002, growth prospects lie ahead. Our major strategic directions for the year 2019 are the following:

Absorption and faster growth

Sitting on a recurring revenue of approximately 1 M€, we must take this serenity to increase our customer base by diversifying without neglecting our involvement in environmental protection.

Movement towards a participatory task for all

  • Etablishing of 2 business to these new customer target, offers and services on 2 identified customer segments,
  • increased responsibility for logistics and technical services,
  • Structuring and partial implementation by "Telework" Management of General Services, supplier relations and pre-accounting,
  • Depending on the development, provide additional hires.

increased technological and regulatory

In the era of digitization data, in view of the Parisian transportation requirements and other interested parties, STEP must develop an offer that allows customers to better communicate in real time face the challenges of modernization.
A new strategic partnership based LED display, Associated communication gateways and services will be launched in 2019 In the interest of continuous improvement, prepare us, after LlFl to digitizing serving an innovative communication.

Change in governance

For the forced retirement of President, this year 2019 will be the link that will prepare the transition of governance STEP. It is envisaged the sale of 100% shares.

At any function of the scale of duties, the information must flow between us, let us communicating with our own brain lights. Keeping in vis-à-vis eve of different requirements and feedback from our partners. We must climb skills in these new areas to cope with competition and only adequate training with our partners will be effective.