Milestones and innovations developed by STEP :

  • 2008 : 1er tube equipped with LED TH. After 5 years, 24h/24h, the tubes that had lost 20% of initial light output.
  • 2009 : widespread installation on Censier Daubenton station Paris metro.
  • 2010 : Development of the 1st LED lamps GU10, MR16, G24 and 2G11
  • 2011 : Development of high-performance E27 LED lamps with harmonic filtering up 20% for lighting the Paris metro (Lyon station).

Changing LED technology in the tubes : introduction of innovative technology SMD (providing better cooling) and improvement of the luminous efficacy.

  • 2012 : Outcome research on LED projectors : improvement power factor with integration drivers Meanwell (high quality LED power supply). 1 er tube 'no flicker' and KEMA certified.
  • 2013 : Implementation of CREE LED (innovative high quality LED) for high power products (suspensions for industrial and floodlights)
  • 2014 : Introducing the 19 June futures LED lamps with oil bath and filament COB. development IP Waterproof LED tubes 67. marketing LED tubes embedded intelligence (presence detection included in the source).
  • 2015 : Introduction of a new range of high performance NOVIDEL. Integration and development of Li-Fi in STEP products
  • 2016 : Integration of our products in Lifi (Geolocation). Steering project a light to the subway station “National Assembly” programmed by PLC under DMX 512. Production of the first projector 1000 Watts.
  • 2017 : Integration LiFiNet in an office ceiling 600×600 and 1200×600. Lifi integration project with OLEDCOMM on various environments.